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Bad Fuel Pump Symptoms Fuel Pump Symptoms

Bad Fuel Pump Symptoms

There are many reasons why a fuel pump will go bad or quit working, and depending on what the problem is, you will notice a number of different bad fuel pump symptoms. Fuel pumps are important components in a vehicle’s engine system. In actual fact, without a fuel pump, the vehicle will not function at [...]

Fuel Pump Symptoms

Every fuel system on every vehicle will have a fuel pump to pump the fuel from the fuel tank to the engine. An electric fuel pump is positioned inside the fuel tank and is operated by the car’s battery. The main role of a fuel pump is to deliver fuel to the engine by creating sufficient [...]

Fuel Pump Replacement Cost

20 October 2013

Like any other part within a vehicle’s engine that is susceptible to deterioration, fuel pumps too will eventually have to be replaced. With such fuel pump replacement, there also arises the actual fuel pump cost, add to this labor and shop supplies, the sum total is that of fuel pump replacement cost. So how much [...]

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Fuel Pump Problems

20 October 2013

Prior to the late 70’s, cars made use of the mechanical fuel pump. It was driven via a camshaft sprocket.  As technology progressed, the fuel injected engine was introduced, which in turn called for electronic fuel pumps, thus allowing for the supply of greater fuel pressure. Though more efficient, fuel pump problems still occur. Fuel [...]

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Fuel Filter Symptoms

20 October 2013

When it comes to keeping your car’s engine in excellent running condition, one of the main things to be conscious of is keeping a clean fuel filter. The fuel filter is a very important part of the fuel supply system and when defective, you will notice an array of bad fuel filter symptoms. Fuel filter [...]

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Mann Filters, Racor Filters and Fleetguard Filters

24 May 2013

Just as the fuel pump is essential to the functioning of the engine, the fuel filter too plays a very important role in the fuel delivery system. In today’s modern vehicles, the fuel is carried to the injector system by the fuel pump. The fuel filter acts to keep the fuel free of impurities that [...]

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Automotive Fuel Pumps

21 May 2013

Prior to today’s automotive fuel pumps, the first fuel delivery systems used on a car were the rotary-brush atomizer based systems. It was an integrated fuel reservoir and feed unit.  A revolving brush driven by a pulley picked fuel from the reservoir and threw it up into air, the suction created by the pistons then [...]

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Fuel Pump Troubleshooting

16 April 2013

Today’s technology mean that component efficiency is high but with the downside that there are more things to go wrong.  Of course, components suffer from wear and tear, hence you may one day find yourself with an engine that won’t start.   And this is where Fuel Pump Symptoms can help. So the car turns over [...]

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